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Did you know? Our sheep enjoy eating pine and spruce needles in the winter.

2017 Icelandic Sheep Flock

We keep a fiber flock of unregistered but purebred Icelandic ewes. All of our sheep are grazed rotationally on our pasture, given supplemental feed, forage crops, garlic scapes, protein and complete minerals for overall health and parasite resistance. Below are 2015 lamb photos. Updated photos on the way!

Are you a spinner? We work hard to produce quality fleeces and keep them clean and free of vegetable matter. Reserve a fleece now or e-mail us in October. As of December 2016 we still have some fleeces for sale. They are suitable for spinning Lopi style, two- or three-ply yarn for Nordic knitting and crafts. Colors are white and various shades of gray.

Violette, an unregistered Icelandic ewe, came to us with her dam, Blackberry, from Salmbonberry Farm in New York in 2010. She is an excellent mother and produces large lambs with abundant fleeces. Not for sale. Violette September 2014
Violette's white ewe lamb in April (left), and in May (right). She has some dark pheomelanin spotting. DOB 4/27/2015. NFS
Violette's White Ewe Lamb April 2015 Violette's White Ewe Lamb May 2015
Violette's white ewe lamb on pasture, pheomelanin spotting still visible but fading slightly. Violette's White Ewe Lamb May 20
Violette's White Ewe Lamb May 24  
Violette's black gray ewe lamb in May. DOB 4/27/2015. NFS.
Violette's Black Gray Ewe May 2015


Blackie was born on our farm in 2011. She is an easy lamber and excellent mother. A healthy, gentle, problem-free ewe. This is her in September 2014. NFS Blackie September 2014
Blackie's "oatmeal" ram lamb in May (below left); in April (below right). NFS.
Blackie's Oatmeal Ram Lamb May 2015 Blackie's Oatmeal Ram Lamb April 2015
Blackie's black and white spotted (or black gray with flashing) ram lamb in May. Not for sale.
Blackie's ram lambs, DOB 4/28/2015, both 11 lbs at birth. Not for sale.
Blackie's Spotted Ram Lamb May 2015
Blackie's Ram Lambs May 20 These handsome ram lambs were named Calico and Tortoiseshell (aka Oatmeal and Pepper). Wethered for their fleeces and companionship. Their fleeces are still changing color but the heathery tones will contrast well with black wool.


Dolly Llama 2012 Dolly Llama is Blackie's sister, born in 2011. She got her name from a white spot on her forehead that has since faded. Our sweetest ewe, "Dolly" will come over and meditate with any human who sits calmly in the pasture. Shown in 2012 fleece.
Dolly Llama's triplets DOB 4/18/2015. Dolly Llama's Triplets April 2015
One white ewe lamb, one black gray ewe lamb, one black gray ram lamb with white flashing. Potential for breeding or as fiber pets. Ram lamb: SOLD; ewe lambs NFS.  
Dolly Llama's Triplets April 2015_2
Dolly's Black Grey Ram Lamb May 20 Dolly's black gray ram lamb with white flashing is growing nice horns, away from the face.
Dolly's White Ewe Lamb May 24 Dolly's Black Gray Ewe Lamb May 24
Dolly's Ewe Lambs May 2015 The white ewe lamb's fleece is pure white.


Carmen September 2014 Carmen was born in 2013 to Blackie. She is unregistered, but her sire was a Stark Hollow, VT, ram lamb with AI bloodlines. A hardy, problem free ewe.
Carmen's white ram lamb. DOB 4/14/2015. SOLD
Carmen's White Ram Lamb April 2015
Carmen's black gray ewe lamb (next to white ram lamb). DOB 4/14/2015. NFS Carmen's Black Gray Ewe Lamb April 2015
Carmen's White Ram Lamb May 2015 Carmen's white ram lamb is maturing quickly.



Penelope (Kind Horn Ewe 01H 516A) got her name because she was faithful to Ulysses, the ram lamb who came with her from Vermont. Ulysses had a tendency to wander out of the polywire ropes we used in 2013 to rotate the pastures, and Penelope would follow him. Now she respects electronet. She is a gentle ewe with excellent conformation.

Penelope September 2014

Shown in fall 2014 fleece.

Skadi September 2014 Skadi is Penelope's first lamb, born on May 29, 2014. This is her in September 2014. Skadi is not for sale, but her fall 2015 fleece will be. It is gray with brown tones.
Skadi May 2014 Skadi in the lambing pen at two days of age.

Penelope and Skadi in June 2014

Penelope and Skadi June 2014


Blackberry was our first ewe. She came to us from Salmonberry Farm in NY and is an unregistered Icelandic ewe. This is her in 2012. Blackberry 2012
Ulysses, our 2014/2015 sire (Kind Horn Ram 01H 520A, AI lines: Grimur, Grabotni, Goli, Rektor). Left: with ewe lambs in August 2014. Right: with ram lamb in September 2014. Bottom: May 2015.
Ulysses August 2014Ulysses September 2014
Ulysses May 2015  


Our Icelandic Sheep

We keep a small flock of Icelandic sheep for wool, meat, pasture improvement and fertilizer. Thanks to a grazing plan from ANCA (Adirondack North Country Association), we have been using rotational grazing to allow pasture regrowth and manage parasites. Some of the paddocks include stone walls with browse and a young organically managed cider apple orchard, where the sheep help to clip the grass and reduce the need for mowing. Most of the flock are unregistered, although we use registered rams for breeding to bring in genetics from Iceland, improve conformation and wool quality. Our sheep are not certified organic, but are pasture fed, humanely raised, receive supplemental vitamins, minerals and probiotics as needed, and are current on all vaccinations. We also share surplus seasonal garden produce with them--garlic scapes, chicory and other greens, apples, carrots, squash and pumpkins--for their vitamins and potential natural deworming properties. This is in addition to regular fecal testing at home and by a laboratory and deworming as necessary. We are members of ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America). The flock is in the Scrapie Eradication Program.

A 2014 photo of our ewes and ewe lambs under the hop ramada:

Ewes and Hops 2014

2013 photos of our flock:

Icelandic Ewe Lamb Calypso July 2013 Dolly Llama, Violette, Blackie and Blackberry