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Did you know? Our sheep enjoy eating pine and spruce needles in the winter.

Our Icelandic Sheep

We keep a small flock of Icelandic sheep for wool, pasture improvement and fertilizer. Thanks to a grazing plan from ANCA (Adirondack North Country Association), we have been using rotational grazing to allow pasture regrowth and manage parasites. Some of the paddocks include stone walls with browse and a young organically managed cider apple orchard, where the sheep help to clip the grass and reduce the need for mowing. Most of the flock are unregistered, although we have used registered rams for breeding to bring in genetics from Iceland, improve conformation and wool quality. In future we hope to share our handmade wool products in local shops.

A 2014 photo of our ewes and ewe lambs under the hop ramada:

Ewes and Hops 2014