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Berries and currants are staples in northern areas like Finland and Russia, and are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Other Products

In the spirit of permaculture, sustainability and self-sufficiency, at Old Market Farm we grow our own fruits and vegetables and preserve most of our harvest.

Other plants for sale will include elderberry and red currant bushes. These plants are not potted and are best ordered in advance and picked up in the spring.

Garlic will be available for on-farm purchase in 2017. We will be reestablishing our blueberry bed and will not have blueberries available until further notice. We have also planted numerous cider apples and pear trees and plan to offer organically grown apples and pears in the future.


We have berry bushes and fruit trees available to recreate historical period gardens, and to turn lawns into gardens and wildlife sanctuaries.

ElderberriesElderberries – Sambucus – canadensis
Vigorous and carefree, ornamental and fruitful
$6.00 each, $40 package of 8 (2 of each variety or other combination)
These cultivated varieties produce unusually high quality fruit much larger than from wild plants.  Plants grow 6-8’ high; plant one of each variety 6’ apart to ensure bountiful pollination.  Generous 1-2’ rooted cutting.
Elderberries tolerate wet locations, but must have good drainage.  Good for jams and jellies, pies, juices and wine.
4 Varieties offered: Adams, John, Nova, York

Hops - Chinook – Humulus lupulus 
$10 per plant, $50 for 8 rooted cuttings.
Mid season, strong bittering variety.  Spicy, distinct piney aroma, characteristics. 
12-14% alpha acid / 3-4% beta acid: the acid percentages are for comparison purposes only and vary each: year, location and crop.
HopsHops are the fastest growing vine, growing over 25’ in one year.  Makes a wonderful ornamental screen that can grow over a fence, stone wall, arbor, or around a gazebo.  Multiple shoots will form from the crown, with more and more each year.  When trellising, try to prune back to one or two shoots per crown.  Rhizomes benefit from root pruning every two to three years. Plant on sunny hills, 7 inches tall a few feet across, with a pH of 6-7.5.  Stake a coarse string at the base of the plant and up over a roof or pole and stand back!
Chinook is a very high alpha-acid type hop.  It is the most vigorous of the four types we’ve tested.  Long, loose cones, 1x2 inches high yield.

Used for herb preparations, hop pillows, and beer bittering.