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Moss roses like Baron de Wassenaer have downy glands that emit a fragrant resin.

Roses A-B

Please see the Glossary for terms used in the rose descriptions. The price for bare root and potted roses is $25. Most of our our roses have withstood at least two North Country winters and have proven their hardiness at our Zone 3 nursery.

Old Market Farm Roses
Rose Description Available? Photo
Alba Semi-plena An Old Garden Rose of antiquity. Soft, gray-green foliage and beautiful round hips. Classic tree rose shape; lovely at the back of a border. North Country Heritage rose. 2018 Alba semi-plena Rose
Alba Meidiland A hybrid Musk shrub rose with white and white blend double, small flowers. Requires little maintenance. Grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet with a spreading habit. Good for bedding and ground cover; shade tolerant. Disease resistant. 2018 Alba Meidiland
Alchymist By Kordes (1956), a cross between a R. eglanteria hybrid and a large-flowered climber called Golden Glow. Blooms are large and display shades of yellow, apricot, peach and gold. An old rose bloom on a carefree and disease resistant plant. Climber growing to 10 to 12 feet. 2018 Alchymist rose
Alexander Mackenzie Canadian Explorer shrub rose developed by Svejda (1985). Bred in a climate similar to that of northern New York, Alex Mackenzie produces red double blooms continuously and may have a raspberry fragrance. Use in a border, as a specimen or climber. 2018 Alexander Mackenzie Rose
Alika/Randall Rosa gallica grandiflora. This very hardy rose was brought to North Dakota from St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1906, but an earlier cultivar was planted by French Canadian settlers throughout Canada and the North Country. A tall shrub with beautiful foliage, it is considered one of the showiest of shrubs with bright red flowers and gold stamens. A North Country Heritage rose that can climb, be used in a border or spread out to be a spectacular specimen. 2018 Alika/Randall Rose
Aloha A modern large-flowered pink climbing hybrid tea rose by Boerner (USA, 1949). 2017 Aloha
Alps Crimson (Cramoisi des Alpes) An ancient rose that has dark red globular flowers that open slowly over a long season. Can be used in a border or as a climber. 2018 Alps Crimson Rose
Amanda Patenaude A medium pink Portland rose (1844) that is on the smaller size (2’ to 3’ high) and upright growing. Hardy with minimal dieback, it is a continuous bloomer. 2017 Amanda Patenaude Rose
Apart A hybrid rugosa that does not spread. 2018 Apart
Apothecary's Rose R. gallica officinalis (Red Rose of Lancaster, Rose of Provins, Double French Rose). A rose of great antiquity with large semi-double red flowers with showy yellow stamens on a compact bush. Brought to France from Syria by Roman soldiers before 1200, it has been used in monastery gardens since the Middle Ages. A North Country Heritage rose, Officinalis can be used in a border, as a hedge or specimen. It produces small, oval hips on a 3’ x 3’ bush. 2017 Apothecary's Rose.
Applejack A modern rose bred by Griffith Buck at Iowa State University, Applejack has clusters of large, open, semi-double blooms that are borne several together on sturdy canes. The petals drop off cleanly. Use in a border or as a specimen. 2018 Applejack
Baron de Wassenaer Verdier, France (1854). This is a moss rose that was found growing in the North Country and has performed beautifully for years on a windy, cold hill. The dark pink flowers are very full, fragrant and large, with a lovely cupped shape. Can be used in a border or as a hedge. North Country Heritage rose. 2018 Baron de Wassanaer Rose
Bassimo (Suffolk) By Kordes, Germany (1988). A ground cover rose with scarlet, single blooms. Light green foliage is thick and creeping. Suitable for growing in a pot or flower box. 2017 Bassino Rose
Belle Amour A Damask discovered by Nancy Lindsay (1950). Layers of salmon-pink, crinkled petals. 2018 Bell Amour
Belle de Crécy By Hardy, France (1829). An Old Garden Rose that grows upright and produces highly scented flat and quartered flowers unique for their changing shades of pink, gray and mauve on almost thornless stems. Can be grown in a pot or reach a size of 4’ x 3’ in the ground. 2018 Belle de Crecy Rose
Belle Isis A Gallica rose with pale pink, cup-shaped, myrrh-scented blooms. A tidy shrub growing to 3’ x 3’. On its own roots, will spread by suckering. 2017 Belle Isis
Benjamin Britten A vibrant red/salmon-pink David Austin rose. Double, fragrant blooms on a medium-sized shrub. Can climb to 8-10 feet. 2018 Benjamin Britten
Blush Belgique A light pink alba of unknown origin (before 1665). A prolific once bloomer with thorny canes. Suckers on its own roots. 2018 Blush Belgique
Bonica® From the House of Meilland (1982). Showy pink clusters of wide-opening double blooms until fall. Very popular for its excellent performance in all kinds of hard places. Can be used as a ground cover, hedge or in a border. 2018 Bonica Rose

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