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Hebe was cupbearer to the gods and goddesses before Ganymede, hence the wine-stained petal edges of the Hebe's Lip rose.

Roses G-L

Please see the Glossary for terms used in the rose descriptions. The price for potted (container) roses is $25. Most of our our roses have withstood at least two North Country winters and have proven their hardiness at our Zone 3 nursery.

Old Market Farm Roses
Galway Bay An English rose by McGredy dating to 1966, Galway Bay has vigorous growth and large, salmon-pink blooms. Tolerant of shade, this rose can climb with support. 2017 Galway Bay
Gem of the Prairies A hybrid Setigera rose that produces very interesting cupped, frilly, mesmerizing blooms in shades ranging from mauve to gray. 2017 Gem of the Prairies
Golden Wings A shrub rose by Shepherd, USA (1956) that produces large, moderately fragrant clear yellow single blooms against a backdrop of light-green foliage. Canes are thick and thorny. Use as a specimen at 5' x 4'. 2018 Golden Wings
Graham Thomas An Austin rose (1983). The deep yellow double flowers are fully double and fragrant. The foliage is dark green and glossy. Use as a specimen. 2018 Graham Thomas
Great Maiden's Blush An old Alba rose with blush-pink very double blooms that is known by many more voluptuous names in French. The foliage is bluish gray. Tolerant of shade. 2017 Great Maiden's Blush
Greenmantle A Sweet Briar rose bearing single red blooms with yellow stamens. Tolerant of shade. 2018 Greenmantle
Grootendorst Supreme Hybrid Rugosa by Grootendorst, Holland (1936). This is a sport of the popular F.J. Grootendorst that is darker red but has similar carnation-like, slightly fragrant flowers in large clusters that bloom until fall. This rose prefers shade in the hottest part of the day and can be used for hedging and in a border. 2017 Grootendorst Supreme
Grüss an Teplitz A hybrid China rose by Geschwind, Hungary (1897). Crimson flowers borne in clusters. 2017 Gruss an Teplitz
Gypsy Boy A dark-red Bourbon rose introduced in Germany by Lambert in 1909. Mildly fragrant, medium-to-large blooms in clusters. Once-blooming. Hardy and vigorous, growing to 4’ x 3’. 2017 Gypsy Boy
Hansaland A Hybrid Rugosa Kordes shrub rose with bright red, mildly fragrant flowers. While it is rated for warmer zones, we have been able to grow this rose in the North Country. 2017 Hansaland
Harison's Yellow The Prairie Rose or Yellow Rose of Texas. 2018 Harison's Yellow
Hebe's Lip (Rubrotincta, Reine Blanche) Introduced in 1912 in the UK, this Gallica rose is probably ancient. The foliage is slightly scented, but it is the flowers that are remarkable for their red tinges at the white petal edges. The growth habit is open and the stems are thorny. Will probably grow to 4’ x 4’. North Country Heritage rose. 2018 Hebe's Lip Rose
Henry Kelsey Canadian Explorer rose by Svejda (1984). Bright red open flowers with showy yellow stamens and an open vase shape. Moderately fragrant. Use as a specimen or climber. 2018 Henry Kelsey Rose
Henri Martin (Red Moss) A moss rose by Laffay, France (1863) with clusters of bright crimson, scented flowers on mossed stems. Dark green foliage. 2018 Henri Martin Rose
Hippolyte A Gallica with magenta blooms. Stems are almost thornless, growth is low (no more than 4') and arching. 2018 Hippolyte
Ispahan An ancient rose from Iran. This is a tough plant with flowers that are a medium pink with lots of petals and an impressive fragrance. A summer bloomer, this rose blooms over a long season. Can be used in a border. 2018 Ispahan Rose
Jens Munk A Hybrid Rugosa Canadian Explorer with medium-pink, recurrent double blooms. Rugose foliage is thick and disease resistant and puts on a colorful fall display. 2018 Jens Munk Rose
John Davis A Canadian Explorer shrub rose that can grow to 6'-8' in height, producing medium-pink, recurrent full flowers. Can be trained to climb. 2017 John Davis Rose
Lady Curzon A hybrid Rugosa rose bred by Charles Turner, UK (1901). The large, single pink and blush petals bloom on a thorny bush that can grow to be up to 4’ high and 6’ wide, even in northern New York, which is beyond the bush’s reported USDA hardiness zone. 2017 Lady Curzon Rose
Lance This North Country Heritage rose is similar to Thérèse Bugnet but is taller and more vertical growing. 2018 Lance Rose
Lavender Lassie A modern rose by Kordes, Germany (1960). With its double lavender-pink flowers, this spectacularly healthy bush can grow to be 5’ x 4’. Tolerant of shade, it has also proven hardy in USDA zone 3. 2017 Lavender Lassie Rose
La Ville de Bruxelles A Gallica rose by Vibert, France (1849). Blooms are very fragrant, pink and quartered. Upright growth of average size (5' x 3'). 2018 La Ville de Bruxelles
Leda Small double white flowers with edges marked by crimson. Allow space for the shrub to grow 3' x 4'. 2017 Leda
Lillian Gibson A medium-pink shrub rose bred by Niels Ebbsen Hansen in the United States in 1938. Clustered, strongly fragrant blooms on a plant that is rated for zone 3. May grow as high as 10' depending on conditions. 2018 Lillian Gibson
Louis Riel A very hardy, disease resistant rose producing single white flowers with yellow stamens against the dramatic backdrop of abundant green and red foliage. 2018 Louis Riel Rose
Louise Odier Very-fragrant, very-double-very pink blooms on this French rose (Margottin, 1851) make it highly desirable. Tolerant of shade. 2017 Louise Odier

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