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As a Hybrid Rugosa, Mont Blanc will not "take over" the garden like a wild Rugosa and will provide masses of fragrant white blooms that attract pollinators (aka bees).

Roses M-N

Please see the Glossary for terms used in the rose descriptions. The price for bare root and potted roses is $25. Most of our our roses have withstood at least two North Country winters and have proven their hardiness at our Zone 3 nursery.

Old Market Farm Roses
Madame Hardy A Damask rose that originated in France (1832). Bred by Empress Josephine’s gardener M. Hardy and named for his wife, this rose is considered the most beautiful white rose of all time, with a green button eye inside hundreds of perfectly arranged white petals. Grows up to 4’ high. Good in a border or as a climber. 2017 Madame Hardy Rose
Madame Legras de St. Germain An almost thornless rose dating to the early 19th century. The flowers are very double and creamy white, appear in large clusters and are highly scented. Can be treated as a shrub or climber and grow to be 7’ high with support. 2018 Madame Legras de St. Germain Rose
Madame Louis Lévêque A moss rose by Lévêque, France (1898) with warm pink blooms. Very fragrant. 2018 Madame Louis Leveque
Maiden's Blush Small Smaller than Great Maiden's Blush and very similar. Tolerant of shade. 2017 Photo not available.
Manning's Blush From c. 1800, Manning’s Blush has large fully double fragrant flowers. The foliage is also scented. Can tolerate shade and planting in a pot. 2018 Mannings Blush Rose
Mary Queen of Scots Pimpinellifolia. A very old rose that is a beautiful, 5’ arching shrub with small, light-green foliage and flowers of cream with lilac brushings darkening to the edge of each petal. It may have been brought by Queen Mary when she returned from exile in France. Can be used for hedging, as a specimen or in a border. Blooms early and produces attractive hips. Very hardy. 2018 Mary Queen of Scots Rose
Max Graf A trailing rose that grows wider than high (2') with single, silvery-pink flowers. Tolerant of shade. 2018 Photo not available.
Mechtilde von Neuerburg A rose by Boden, Germany (1920), the semi-double flowers of this plant are pinkish-red. A climber that can reach a size of 10’ x 8’ under the right conditions and tolerates shade. 2017 Mechtilde von Neuerburg Rose
Métis A hybrid (R. nitida x Thérèse Bugnet) from Canada (1967), this rose has semi-double pink blooms and glossy foliage. 2018 Metis Rose
Moje Hammarberg Hybrid rugosa bred by Hammarberg (Sweden, 1931). 2018 Moje Hammarberg
Mont Blanc A hybrid Rugosa with abundant, cupped, pure white blooms. 2017 Mont Blanc Rose
Morden Centennial A Parkland Series shrub rose with recurrent, medium-pink full flowers. Blooms are lightly scented amid disease-resistant foliage. 2018 Morden Centennial Rose
New Dawn Dreer, USA (1930). The first plant patent in the world was granted to this hardy rambler which is still awarded the “World’s Favorite Rose” distinction. Pale pink classically formed double blooms appear continuously, have a large, full form, and throw a very sweet scent. A climber that can grow to 8’. Excellent along a porch or deck. 2017 New Dawn Rose
Nuits de Young (Old Black Moss) A moss rose by Laffay, from France (1845). This shrub grows up to 3’ high and produces small, fragrant flowers of a mulberry color so dark it is also referred to as Old Black Moss. Can be used in a border or as a hedge. 2017 Nuits de Young (Old Black Moss) Rose
Nymphenburg An upright shrub by Kordes, Germany (1954) that produces semi-double pink flowers showing lemony highlights. 2017 Nymphenburg

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