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Grootendorst roses can form an impenetrable, fragrant hedge on a property line.

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Please see the Glossary for terms used in the rose descriptions. The price for bare root and potted roses is $25. Most of our our roses have withstood at least two North Country winters and have proven their hardiness at our Zone 3 nursery.

Old Market Farm Roses
Rose Description Available? Photo
Parkdirektor Riggers A dark red Hybrid Kordesii. Ours has grown to five feet tall. 2018 Parkdirektor Riggers
Parkzauber (Park Magic) A moss-rose cross by Kordes (Germany, 1956) with large, dark carmine-red double, fully-fragrant blooms. Once blooming, approximately 4' high. 2018 No photo available.
Pierrette Pavement An extremely hardy Rugosa hybrid with abundant dark-pink semi-double blooms. Very fragrant. Shade and salt tolerant. Good for a low-growing, spreading hedge. 2017 Pierette Pavement
Pink Grootendorst A Rugosa rose by Grootendorst, Holland (1923). This is another sport of F.J. Grootendorst with clusters of fairy-like pink flowers with ruffles. This rose does not like hot afternoon sun, but performs beautifully in semi-shade. A North Country Heritage rose that is good in a border. 2017 Pink Grootendorst Rose
Polarsonne A moderately fragrant Hybrid Rugosa with masses of large, double pink blooms amid disease-resistant light-green foliage. Originally from Russia, this shrub is medium in height and good as a specimen. 2017 Polarsonne
Polstjärnan (Polestar) This rose was bred in Finland in 1937. A rambler with small, white semi-double blooms that appear once a season. This “White Rose of Finland” is good as a climber. Not widely available in northern New York. 2018 Polstjarnan (Polarstar) Rose
Prairie Princess A Griffith Buck rose (1972) with large salmon-pink flowers and very thorny canes. Very disease resistant and hardy. 2017 Prairie Princess Rose
Président de Sèze A Gallica shrub by an unknown breeder and possibly dating to 1836. Blooms are pink/purple, large, double, and may be very fragrant. Canes are not very thorny. This rose is summer blooming and excellent for a period garden. 2017 President de Seze
Queen of Denmark (Königin von Dänemark) The Netherlands (1826). Rich mauve-pink blooms with a lovely fragrance. This rose bush can grow to be 4’ or 5’ tall. Good in a border. Hardy. 2018 Queen of Denmark Rose
R. canina A species rose. Can grow to 10' tall in Zone 3. 2017 R. canina
R. centifolia (Rose des Peintres) Probably bred in Holland in the 16th century. The huge cupped, pink quartered flowers are featured in Dutch Renaissance still-life paintings. Can be used in a border. North Country Heritage rose. 2017 R. centifolia
R. glauca A species rose known as the red-leaf rose that is grown for its purple foliage and stems more than for its star-like pink flowers, although they are charming against the foliage during their season. Bright red hips and purple foliage make a nice display in fall. Native to the alps, R. glauca is very hardy and can be used in a border, as a hedge or specimen. Listed as one of the overall best shrubs. 2018 R. glauca Rose
R. hemsleyana A species rose with dark red, almost thornless canes, large heads of deep pink, exquisite flowers that last a long time in early summer, and showy bottle shaped hips. Hemsleyana’s slow growing would make it a lovely informal hedge, although not in the coldest sites in the area. 2017 R. hemsleyana Rose
R. nutkana A species rose related to R. virginiana, this rose has matte gray-green leaves and single delicate pale lavender flowers arranged in a saucer shape. It can be used as a specimen or hedge. 2018 R. nutkana Rose
R. palustris (Swamp Rose) A species rose related to R. virginiana that thrives in wet areas and needs extra watering elsewhere. The flowers appear later than other wild roses, thus extending the season. The Swamp Rose has bright leaves and hips in the fall and can be used as a specimen or hedge. 2018 R. palustris Rose
R. pimpinellifolia A species rose with white single blooms. Grows 5-6 feet tall and can spread to fill an area. Shade tolerant and disease resistant. Very hardy. Forms hips. 2017 Rosa pimpinellifolia
R. pomifera (Apple Rose, R. villosa) Originating in Asia, the leaves are apple scented and the flowers are scented, pink and single. Large apple-shaped hips are produced in summer and are delicious. Can grow to be 5’ x 5’. 2018 R. pomifera Rose
R. setigera Medium pink single climbing rose. 2017 R. setigera
R. sweginzowii macrocarpa Originally from north-west China, this plant is very hardy and can grow to be the size of a fruit-tree at 10’ x 8’. Allow plenty of space and use as a centerpiece or backdrop for smaller roses and companion plants. The blooms are single and bright pink with yellow stamens and come in clusters. Foliage is lush. 2018 R. sweginzowii macrocarpa Rose
R. virginiana A species rose that in Europe is considered one of the best landscaping shrubs. The beautiful shiny green leaves turn bright red in the fall and the clusters of pure pink blossoms lead to round bright red hips. Related to R. nutkana and R. palustris. North Country Heritage rose. 2018 R. virginiana Rose
Raubritter By Kordes, Germany (1967). Give this shrub room to sprawl and its thorny branches with their dark grayish-green foliage will reward you with a profusion of unusual globular pink blooms. Tolerant of shade, the shrub can grow to 3’ x 6’. 2017 Raubritter Rose
Robin Hood A bushy plant with healthy, glossy foliage that bears clusters of small, bright red flowers. Reliably grows to 4' x4' in Northern New York. 2017 Robin Hood Rose
Robusta A Hybrid Rugosa shrub rose bred by Kordes with thick, thorny red canes. Very large, rounded, medium-green waxy, disease resistant foliage. Vivid scarlet, mildly fragrant single blooms that are 4" in diameter. A continuous bloomer with upright growth. Use as a hedge or climber. May grow up to 7' high. 2018 Robusta
Rosa Mundi (R. gallica versicolor) An Old Garden Rose similar to R. gallica officinalis but with flowers splashed and striped with white. Can be used in a border or as a hedge. Very showy. 2017 Rosa Mundi (R. gallica versicolor) Rose
Royal Bonica A Meilland rose with masses of light-pink blooms on a very disease resistant shrub. May grow to 5' x 5'. 2017 Royal Bonica
Russelliana Pre-1826 mauve hybrid multiflora. Blooms have a darker center and lighter edges. Strongly fragrant, this rose is a good climber and is vigorous even in zone 2. 2017 Russelliana

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