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Suzanne and Thérèse Bugnet roses are deceptively delicate. Our own Suzannes have survived a home renovation and heavy snows with no protection!

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Please see the Glossary for terms used in the rose descriptions. The price for bare root and potted roses is $25. Most of our our roses have withstood at least two North Country winters and have proven their hardiness at our Zone 3 nursery.

Old Market Farm Roses
Rose Description Available? Photo
Scarlet Meidiland® A ground cover shrub rose from the House of Meilland in France that features medium red clusters of blooms against disease-resistant foliage. 2017 Scarlet Meidiland
Scarlet Pavement Rugosa developed in Germany for use in parks. Does well with some afternoon shade and will tolerate salt and roadside planting. The true red buds of Scarlet Pavement open to light red doubles. Compact at 3’ x 3’. 2017 Scarlet Pavement Rose
Shailer's White Moss A near white moss rose discovered by Henry Shailer in England in 1788. Strongly fragrant. Allow space for a height of 4' to 6' and a width of 4'. 2018 Shailer's White Moss
Showy Pavement A hybrid Rugosa by Baum, 1987. Hardy to zone 3. A good low spreading rose (height up to 3'). 2017 Showy Pavement
Sir Thomas Lipton Rugosa by Van Fleet, USA (1890). This is a tall, arching plant with double blush white flowers that start out as pale green buds. It blooms very freely in the main season and repeats through the summer. Use as a hedge or in a border. 2017 Sir Thomas Lipton Rose
Snowdon Rugosa by Austin, UK (1989). This is one of the few Rugosa hybrids by David Austin. Crossed with a noisette (a southern rambler), Snowdon makes an arching, very graceful shrub. It continuously produces pure white fully double flowers with a heavenly fragrance. Can be used as a hedge or specimen, or in a border. 2017 Snowdon Rose
Stanwell Perpetual Hybrid Spinosissima. Shade tolerant. 2017 Stanwell Perpetual
Surpasse Tout The Netherlands (pre-1832). This is a densely branched three-foot-high, somewhat spreading shrub with bright green foliage that blooms for a long period in June and July. The flowers are 4” doubles with cerise-pink petals that curve toward a silvery-pink reverse. A North Country Heritage rose that can be used in a border, as a hedge or specimen. 2018 Surpasse Tout Rose
Suzanne Pimpinellifolia rose bred in Canada in the middle 20th century. Peachy pink flowers with a touch of yellow in the center, double, fragrant and all along the canes, repeating off and on after the main flush from May to June. Very hardy specimen rose that will succeed with little care. 2018 Suzanne Rose
The Gift x Sweet Chariot A hybrid multiflora bred by Malcolm Lowe in New Hampshire (1995), and introduced in 2005, this small-leafed shrub produces a multitude of small pink-to-white flower clusters. Good for ground cover or hedging at 5’ x 5’. 2017 The Gift x Sweet Chariot Rose
Thérèse Bugnet Hybrid Rugosa from Canada (1950). This rose was bred in Alberta by a French immigrant who missed his roses. This is one of the hardiest, healthiest and loveliest of roses. The shape of the bush and the clusters of fragrant, very double flowers are reminiscent of old garden roses. The stems are a beautiful red and thornless at the tips, which makes them friendly for cutting. Thérèse Bugnet has a big early June flush and repeats a little thereafter, and the bush always looks good, even in winter when the stems light up the snow like red-twigged dogwood. May grow to be 5’ or 6’ high. Use as a hedge or specimen, or in a border. 2018 Therese Bugnet Rose
Trier A rose bred by P. Lambert in Germany (1904), Trier can be a climber or shrub. The foliage is small and the flowers are almost double. Flowers are single and cream colored. Tolerant of shade, can grow to 8’ x 6’. 2017 Trier Rose
Triomphe de Lille A Damask rose by Vibert, France (1826). This rose has blush pink, very double flowers in clusters over a long period. The flower’s delicate beauty and sweet fragrance belie its toughness. It has dense gracefully arching growth to 3’. A North Country Heritage rose that can be used as a specimen or in a border. 2017 Triomphe de Lille Rose
Tuscany Possibly one of the oldest Gallica roses, Tuscany has velvety double purple blooms and yellow stamens. Hardy to zone 3. 2017 Photo not available.
Two Sisters A cross between Sea Foam and The Fairy, Two Sisters is a low-growing shrub rose that bears small, double pink blooms that fade to white. 2017 Two Sisters
Village Maid (R. centifolia variegata , Belle des Jardins, La Rubanée) A rose bred by Vibert in France (1845), Village Maid can be vigorous and thorny. The double flowers are off-white with pink streaking. Possibly 5’ x 4’. 2017 Village Maid Rose
Violette A multiflora rambler with medium-purple, small double blooms borne in trusses. 2017 Violette
Wasagaming Wassagaming is a medium-pink hybrid Rugosa bred by Skinner in Canada (1939). Very hardy. 2017 Wassagaming Rose
White Bells A procumbent near-white miniature rose that is wider than it is tall at a height of only 2'. 2017 White Bells
White Meidiland® A shrub rose from the House of Meilland in France (1936), White Meidiland is an excellent ground cover or planter rose that will spread its semi-glossy foliage (2’ x 4’) and produce clusters of pure white flowers continuously. 2017 White Meidiland Rose
White Pavement White pavement rose. Pink buds turn to white. 2017 White Pavement
William III Rosa spinosissima 'William III' has fuchsia/magenta - crimson blooms that age to lilac.  Spice fragrance.  15 petals.  Small, semi-double (9-16 petals) bloom form.  Once-blooming spring or summer.  Up to 3' in height. 2018 William III
William Lobb A strongly fragrant climbing moss rose with deep-pink very double blooms. Bred by Laffay in France (1855). Growth is tall and arching, up to 6 feet with support. Good next to a fence. 2017 William Lobb
Winter Sunset A Griffith Buck shrub rose with full flowers on a compact bush. True to the name, the blooms start out yellow to reveal shades of orange. Glossy, dark-green foliage. 2018 Winter Sunset Rose
York and Lancaster (R. damascena versicolor) This is an Old Garden rose listed as pre-1551 by Peter Beales. With its very thorny canes and gray-green leaves, this shrub is good for period gardens and surprising with its range of pink and white semi-double, scented flowers. Tolerant of shade, it can be used for hedging at 5’ x 5’. It is a North Country Heritage rose. 2018 York and Lancaster Rose

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